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A bird is a feathered, winged, bipedal, warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrate. As of October 8, 2013, there are 10657 species, not including many prehistoric species. Look around, you may see a bird outside your window!

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This wiki takes place in an alternate universe and may not reflect anything in real life. Read at your own risk! Many pages are under construction as well. Devonshire is 300 (not 200, whoops) years ahead of the current year.
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  • 2/15/13: A new species of owl was found on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. It is called Rinjani Scops-Owl, Otus jolandae.

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Today is Thursday July 31, 2014

Date in Devonshire: July, Thursday 31, 2313

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The antbirds are a large family, Thamnophilidae, of passerine birds found across subtropical and tropical Central and South America, from Mexico to Argentina. There are more than 200 species, known variously as antshrikes, antwrens, antvireos, fire-eyes, bare-eyes and bushbirds. They are related to the antthrushes and antpittas (family Formicariidae), the tapaculos, the gnateaters and the ovenbirds. Despite some species' common names, this family is not closely related to the wrens, vireos or shrikes.

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Black Crab Plover
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Quiscalus-quiscula-001 Common Grackle, Quiscalus quiscula

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The Wandering Albatross can smell odour trails up to 12 miles away [1].
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Jumping Humpback whale Mammals
Lamprey Jawless fish
White shark Cartilaginous fish
Canthigaster valentini 1 Bony fish
Red-eyed Tree Frog - Litoria chloris edit1 Amphibians
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Class Aves vte
Struthioniformes Ostriches
Rheiformes Rheas
Apterygiformes Kiwis
Casuariiformes Cassowaries and emus
Tinamiformes Tinamous
Anseriformes Ducks, geese and allies
Galliformes Fowl and allies
Phoenicopteriformes Flamingos
Podicipediformes Grebes
Phaethontiformes Tropicbirds
Pterocliformes Sandgrouse
Mesitornithiformes Mesites
Columbiformes Pigeons and allies
Eurypygiformes Kagu and Sunbittern
Steatornithiformes Oilbird
Nyctibiiformes Potoos
Podargiformes Frogmouths
Caprimulgiformes Nightjars and nighthawks
Apodiformes Swifts, hummingbirds and allies
Opisthocomiformes Hoatzin
Otidiformes Bustards
Cuculiformes Cuckoos
Gruiformes Cranes, rails and allies
Musophagiformes Turacos
Gaviiformes Loons / divers
Sphenisciformes Penguins
Procellariiformes Petrels, shearwaters and allies
Ciconiiformes Storks
Suliformes Boobies, Frigatebirds and Coromorants
Pelecaniformes Pelicans
Ardeiformes Herons and allies
Charadriiformes Shorebirds, gulls and allies
Cathartiformes New World vultures
Accipitriformes Buzzards, Eagles, Kites, Hawks, Vultures
Coliiformes Mousebirds
Strigiformes Owls
Leptosomiformes Cuckoo Roller
Trogoniformes Trogons and allies
Bucerotiformes Hornbills and Hoopoes
Coraciiformes Kingfishers and allies
Piciformes Woodpeckers and allies
Cariamiformes Seriemas
Falconiformes Falcons and Caracaras
Psittaciformes Parrots and allies
Passeriformes Passerines / perching birds (5,000+ species)
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