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Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania  
Author(s) Dale A. Zimmermann, Donald A. Turner, and David J. Pearson
Illustrator Dale A. Zimmermann, Ian Willis and H. Douglas Pratt
Cover artist Dale A. Zimmermann (great blue and Ross's turaco), H. Douglas Pratt (great white pelican, spotted thick-knee)
Country Kenya and Northern Tanzania
Language English
Subject(s) Kenyan and Tanzanian birds
Genre(s) Ornithological handbook
Publisher Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey
Publication date 1999
Media type Print (soft cover)
Pages 576
ISBN 0691010226

Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania is a field guide by Princeton University Press.


On the cover

Inside front cover

Parts of a bird

Left side:

Right side:

Wings of birds



  • Flappet Lark's scientific name (Mirafra rufocinnamomea) isn't italicised (page 415).


  • Terns and skimmers are listed under their own families (Laridae and Rynchopidae, respectively) when they are basal larids (page 352 and 357) [2].
  • Variable Sunbird's scientific name is Nectarinia venusta when it should be Cinnyris venustus [7].

Other things that might not be errors

  • The Northern Lapwing only receives a black-and-white drawing instead of a coloured drawing (page 54).
  • Some of the petrels don't have a drawing on a coloured plate, they only get a black-and-white drawing (page 272).
  • The Pied Flycatcher only receives a black-and-white drawing (it already is black-and-white), but this could be because only one specimen has been found (page 456).


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