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Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania is a field guide by Princeton University Press.


On the cover

Inside front cover

Parts of a bird

Left side:

Right side:

Wings of birds



  • Flappet Lark's scientific name (Mirafra rufocinnamomea) isn't italicised (page 415).


  • Terns and skimmers are listed under their own families (Laridae and Rynchopidae, respectively) when they are basal larids (page 352 and 357) [2].
  • Variable Sunbird's scientific name is Nectarinia venusta when it should be Cinnyris venustus [7].

Other things that might not be errors

  • The Northern Lapwing only receives a black-and-white drawing instead of a coloured drawing (page 54).
  • Some of the petrels don't have a drawing on a coloured plate, they only get a black-and-white drawing (page 272).
  • The Pied Flycatcher only receives a black-and-white drawing (it already is black-and-white), but this could be because only one specimen has been found (page 456).


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