George Hughes Travis
Born April 30, 2176 (age 35)
Hera, Devonsire
Residence Hera
Nationality Devonshirian
Other names Usually just called "Travis"
Ethnicity European
Citizenship Devonshirian, Shirian
Alma mater Hera University
Occupation Naturalist, painter, writer, ornithologist
Years active 2290-present
Home town Hera
Height 1.9m/6ft3in
Weight 83.91kg/185lbs
Title Doctor Travis
Term 2290-present
Religion Christian
Denomination Catholic
Special ability Can remember every note he has taken

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Dr. George Hughes Travis (born April 30, 2276), is a Devonshirian ornithologist, writer, naturalist and painter. He is the first person to really start studying the various birds and animals around Devonshire. He has named and classified numerous species, not limited to Frost Anhinga, Taylor's Toucan and Frilled Parotia.

He has the ability to remember every note he has taken. A fire wiped out a lot of his data and notes and his hard drive was wiped clean. However; he still remembers the notes and data because of his excellent memory.

He works alongside Michelle Hellstern and Charles Dunn to help record birds and other animals around Devonshire and surrounding countries.

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