The motmot highnose, Coracoides momotus, is a species of highnose.

Other names

Racket-tailed highnose, racquet-tailed highnose.


The motmot highnose is a medium-sized highnose (7") that resembles a motmot. Its bill has a small casque on it. Its wings are green and its breast is yellow. Its tail is bluish-green and has a racket-tailed tips, which easily break off. It has a small crest, unlike the momots.

Similar species

It has a small crest, however; it can be laid flat on its head [1]. It should not be confused for a motmot otherwise.



Fruit, small vertebrates, and insects [1].


Said to make a hooting noise, like that of an owl [1].



It is found in Devonshire and Shire; and Aifric. Its habitat is wet, mature forests.

It migrates to northern Aifric.


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