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Brief description
Black and white icon Ceryle rudis

Ceryle rudis

From Wikipedia

The Pied Kingfisher, Ceryle rudis is a species in Cerylidae. It is monotypic, the only species in the genus Ceryle.

Other names

Lesser Pied Kingfisher or Small Pied Kingfisher (found here).


The pied kingfisher are described as being a striking black-and-white bird with a shaggy crest [1], like a belted kingfisher. Males have two bands while females have one band [1], that's sometimes incomplete [2].

Similar species

It is similar to the crested kingfisher and other members of the family Cerylidae.


Habitually hovers [2]. It is the world's largest bird that's able to truly hover, but other species can, too (e.g. kestrels). It hunts in flight, with body vertical and head looking down [3].


The pied kingfisher feeds on a wide verity of aquatic organisms such as fish, tadpoles, frogs, crabs and mollusks [1].


Tsiree-eee tsiktsiktsik or a repeated tsee-ee, TSEU and kwik... kwik...; on take-off: a sharp: kikety-kick [2].


Nest is burrow in a sandy bank with a layer of regurgitated fish scales and bones [3]. Sometimes nests in small colonies, where they have "helpers" that tend the young when food is scare [1].


The pied kingfisher is found throughout Aifric and eastern Europa and Occidental. It is a fairly common sight around its ranges and can be found congergating near waterways such as lakes and rivers. It is also found in marshes and mangrove swamps. Pied kingfishers do not migrate [3].


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