Born c. 2001
Other names Storm Cloud
Known for Michelle's pet cockatiel
Children CJ, Cloudy
Relatives Cagemate Sunny (currently, because of Dexie dying)
Deceased mate Shadow

Stormy or Storm Cloud is one of Michelle's pet cockatiels.

Full name

Her full name is Storm Cloud. Though, her name could be combined with Cloudy's to form Storm Cloud as well.

Origin of her name

Possibly because it was storming at the time, and she is grey and white.


Stormy is a white-faced pearl cockatiel. She resembles Sunny, except she is grey and white.


Dexie has many friends including her conure friend, Grisi that flew away. Her other friends are Sunny, CJ, Cloudy and her deceased mate Shadow. Her current cagemate is Sunny.

Though they do not seem like friends, she also has Sky and Star as her "friends".

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